(HY000) Table 'wm_novel_novel' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
SQL语句:SELECT a.*,t.*,ft.field_option as t_field,ft.value_option as t_value,fv.field_option as c_field,fv.value_option as c_value from `wm_novel_novel` as a left join wm_novel_type as t on t.type_id=a.type_id left join wm_novel_rec on rec_nid=novel_id left join wm_config_field_value as ft on ft.value_field_module="novel" and ft.value_field_type="1" and ft.value_content_id = t.type_id left join wm_config_field_value as fv on fv.value_field_module="novel" and fv.value_field_type="2" and fv.value_content_id = novel_id where `novel_status`='1' order by novel_monthclick desc limit 0,8
错误主文件:[887行] /wmcms/db/wmsql.mysql.class.php

PHP Debug

No. File Line Function Class
1 /wmcms/db/wmsql.mysql.class.php 887 execute PDOStatement
2 /wmcms/db/wmsql.mysql.class.php 746 Query WMSql
3 /module/novel/novel.class.php 117 GetAll WMSql
4 /wmcms/inc/template.class.php 736 GetData novel
5 /module/novel/novel.label.php 61 Label tpl
6 /module/novel/novel.label.php 26 PublicLabel novellabel
7 /module/novel/novel.class.php 27 __construct novellabel
8 /wmcms/inc/template.class.php 145 __construct novel
9 /index.php 36 __construct tpl
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